Friday, December 2, 2011

Workout Catch Up

I realized that I haven't posted my workouts for the past week...
Wednesday I tried out the new Tone It Up workout that was in my email. Check it out here Such a good wake up call. That night was Jazzercise before the big food day.
Thursday...who works out on Thanksgiving? Nearly 100 Jazzercise.students. Up early for am 8am class to burn major calories before the big feast.
Friday's workout was shopping, my exercise of choice! (I'll be posting the deals I got that day.)
No workout Saturday, but Sunday I spent a couple of hours with Shane trying to beat each other at everything on the Wii.
Monday: Nice morning run with Jazzercise that night.
Tuesday: Quick run...not a lot of time.
Wednesday: pilates with a good stretch and Jazzercise as usual.
Thursday, well I wanted a break.
Today: Tone It Up's SHREDmill workout for 20 minutes.
Have a great day everyone!

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