Friday, April 15, 2011

Passion for Fashion

I love shopping, the mall, clothes....not a surprise since I have worked in retail for almost 9 years. I fully believe in retail therapy. Nothing makes me happier. Well, somethings make me happier, but it definitely helps me release stress. But when I am not feeling good about myself, my weight, or am having a moment of poor body image, shopping definitely doesn't help. Those are times that I avoid clothes and focus mostly on accessories.....or shoes. Or even worse, Sephora! Not liking the way I looked in clothes probably was a big factor in becoming a Beauty Insider V.I.B. (I won't admit how it happened, just look it up.) Motivation to tone up and slim down for sure. So I started surrounding myself with support, from friends, family, even social networking sites Facebook and Twitter. On Twitter I started following the Tone It Up gals @ToneItUp, Angel Porrino @angelporrino, Holly Madison @hollymadison and Sydne Summer @SydneSummer. Holly recently opened up on Holly's World about her producer wanting her to lose weight and showed of her hard work in a cover shoot for a magazine, not perfect, but she was happy. Angel inspired me as a single mother that looks they way she does and her #skinnybitchmode posts. Tone It Up retweets inspiring posts, recipes and exercises. Sydne Summers is a stylist for E! and Style, who also has a blog called Think Thru Fashion. Every month she has her Fashion Staples and posts 6 items that she mixes throughout the month, posting 6 pictures of each. Now that I am happy and more confident than I was months ago, I'm ready to continue my journey. And I thought about what Sydne posts and challenge myself further.

These are my recent purchases, from clothes to accessories. I am going to attempt to do the same thing as Sydne. Some were bought at recently as last night. Not only do I like to shop, but I also like a great deal. (Spend less money, get more clothes, right?) From top left: Lucky Brand Sweet Sixties Set Stone Flower Ring (Dillards, $11.70), Fossil Flower Gem earrings (Dillards, $7.80), Lucky Brand Hooded Sweatshirt wrap (Costco, $14.95), Apt. 9 Black Shirt Dress (Kohls, $29.00), Roxy O Ring Sandals (Nordstrom Rack, $14.95), Ed Hardy studded sneakers (DSW, $35.00), B.P. Basics seafoam cardigan (Nordstrom, $25), Steve Madden Carri Wedges (DSW, $49), Lucky Brand bangles (Dillards, $11.70) and Silver Jeans Santorini capris (Buckle, $69). I will get picks of what I put together. Part of being confident is taking chances and being vulnerable to failure. Here we go!