Monday, January 17, 2011

From the Mouths of Heaven Sent Angels

Last night I worked the Spring floorset at American Eagle. The last time I was in the store was before Thanksgiving, which is also the last time I saw Megan, the store manager. What is the first thing she says to me? "Have you lost weight?" Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I wanted to give her a big hug, but I knew she would be thinking "WTH?!?!" so I held back. People can notice! Even better is the fact that the people you notice don't see me very often and don't know that I have been working on this. YAY for me!!!!!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

New Website: Tone It Up

I follow Giuliana Rancic via Twitter and checked out her new site Fab Fit Fun. Its her site where she posts workouts, nutrition and diet articles, plus other fabulous tips. This is a fairly new site, so there aren't a lot of things on there. One of the articles that was on there highlighted these two girls, Karena and Katrina, who have a site called They started by creating a diet plan, which you can buy on the site, to help themselves lose weight and tone up. Not only are they slim and hot themselves, they show you the moves or recipes on YouTube videos and are so chill in them that I feel like I'm just watching a couple of my own girlfriends. They also recently launched a line of fitness gear at Target which includes a Jane Fonda workout video.

Breaking into a new bracket!

As of 1/14, I have officially broke into the 140's from the 150's. What made this official was the fact that I weighed the same two days in a row. :) SuCcEsS!!!!! I will be using this as motivation to move foward. Key West- a little over a month away! Yeah, baby, yeah!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Kudos to me!

Yesterday I bought a bottle of Coke from the machine at my work. The date on the bottle said Sep. 10, 2010. I take this to be the expiration date, but I was so wanting that refreshing beverage. I opened it up, enjoyed the carbonation fizzing at my nose and took a sip. The Coke tasted fine, but after that sip, I put the lid back on and threw it away. What good was it going to do to enjoy a coke for an hour? Would it still have the same effect on me in 2 months? Or would it put me into a downward spiral and keep me from my goal? I was so proud of myself for that commitment to not drinking that coke at the time. Then I had my coworkers get me a 32 oz. fountain Coke at the gas station this morning. It tasted different than regular Coke and I am thinking that it may have been Coke Zero as I overheard my coworker saying that she is going to convert everyone to Coke Zero. Kudos to her if she deceived me to help me! But let me tell you, it took me over 3 hours to finish it. By the end it was just flavored melted ice. It may seem like a step backwards, but I think of it as a step forward because I really didn't NEED it. If I had needed it, then it would have been gone in 15 minutes.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Meet my kryptonite! My 210 calories per bag kryptonite!

Just Do It!

In an effort to become Ashley-licious, I went to the new Nike Factory Store at Jordan Landing. I think it opened before Christmas, but I try to avoid that area like the plague around that time of the year. One of my favorite times to shop, which is something that I like to do a lot, is after Christmas because everything is on sale and you still have 2 months or more to wear it! There were so many good deals in the store, with 20% of some bottoms, 30% off select bottoms and what seemed to be endless clearance rounders. Then there were the shoes. Shoes of every kind! Regular, everyday sneakers, basketball kicks, running shoes and cross trainers. When we went to the factory store in Vegas, they even had cheerleading shoes, which I am a big fan of for aerobics. If you are looking to buy a good aerobic shoe, they are the ones to get! I spent about 30 minutes walking around the place, just checking things out. I ended up getting out of there for about $45 , which included 2 t-shirts and a new sports bra. I saved about $25 from the original prices. Also when I was shopping with my mom, the same day I bought my balance ball, I got a new pair of workout pants and a another t-shirt. Who says you can have a little fashion when getting fit? I also picked up a copy of Women's Health at the grocery store on late night milk run for Shane.
What can I say, I like bright colors!
I also like the overload of sunshine that was coming in my room at the time of this picture!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

My Book of Recipes, Fitness and Me!

Do you ever think about something, remembering that you read about or saw it in a book or magazine? Then it slips your mind when you read it and what it was you saw it in? Well, I have. Because of this I have a habit of keeping magazines and emails that I think I may need in the future. The other night I went to put another magazine on the shelf above my bed and found that it would just not fit. When I tried to make it fit, it completely lifted the shelf above it. Guess its time to take out the trash! But then the idea of losing all the recipes and tips that were in the magazines, the rush of anxiety was overwhelming. *Ding* A lightbulb went off and I had an idea. Why not go through all the publications and tear out the ones that I just couldn't live without? That night, armed with a 3-ring binder and a whole crap load of sheet protectors I set out on making my own book. Of course the articles inside are divided into groups. The most important ones, which are the most motivational and the ones that I think I need to see everyday on my fitness journey, are in the front. This includes an article of Lauren Conrad in a bikini and a list of things you should do each month of the year. Then I have my fitness articles, just to make sure that I don't ever have an excuse not to work out, followed by healthy recipes and lastly, hairstyle articles. Remember my goals for the month of January, including 2 new hairstyles, this is where I will go when I decide to take on that goal. That first night, it seemed like it took hours to look through the magazines, but now when I look through a magazine or get an email I like, I just print or tear it out (in the case of my mom's magazines, copy them) and put it in the book. Simple dimple!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Boing, boing, boing!

For at least the past month, every Monday at Jazzercise we have been using exercise balls for our strength training. We lift the balls with our legs, we squeeze the ball with our arms and thighs, sit on it while lifting weights making sure we stay balanced, and even use it to stretch our whole body. Now I have wanted to have a ball at work instead of a chair, it would definitely make sitting behind a desk more enjoyable and help me work my core, but it is not allowed. I have wanted to get one for a home to use when playing PS3, watching tv or even to, *gasp*, work out with. I just haven't looked. My Grandpa Chidester gave us money this year for Christmas, which I found a use for when I started thinking about my upcoming vacation. On an adventure to find new workout pants and a sports bra, I came across a pink ball for $10. Hopefully this will be the most useful $10 I have ever spent! I think that watching the Sex and the City movie would be a good option of entertainment while I do sit ups on the ball. When I get a look at Carrie's stomach, it makes me envious of her over 40, Hollywood physique. Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce you to my ball.

MTV's "I Used To Be Fat"

This morning after I woke up, I got up and ran. I left the tv on in our room and when I was done running, the show that was on was MTV's "I Used To Be Fat." Wow! These kids are amazing. The first two were girls who weighed more than Shane at the beginning of their shows and lost enough weight to be close to my weight. Such an inspiring show to me! If they can lose over 90 pounds in 3 months, why can't I lose 20 pounds in 2 months? Motivation! Motivation! Motivation!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Year Ago....

One year ago today I started this blog. Only a few know about it, but I don't know if anyone follows it. I may not have stayed consistent on blogging or working towards my goals, but it has helped me focus and remember what my goals are. One year ago I was at 160 lbs., not feeling very good about myself and just not feeling good in general. As of today, I am at 150 lbs. I may have taken a whole 365 days, but it feels like an accomplishment to me to have realized I CAN lose weight. Ten pounds to be exact. This past December I completed a Jazzercise challenge, 20 days of Jazzercise between Thanksgiving and Christmas. The last week of the challenge I went to 4 classes, where I normally only do 2. I even through in a little running at home and got up early on Christmas Eve to attend my 20th class. It was such an accomplishment for me! Especially during the holidays! I spent the last week of the year brainstorming what I want from this next year. But I think that sometimes looking to far ahead can get discouraging. So I am looking for what I can do in the next 2 months and only focusing on one month at a time. Why 2 months? Because on Feb. 25, Shane and I will be flying across the country to Key West! That day also happens to be the 5 year anniversary of our engagement. Since I will have unlimited access to the beach right from our hotel, I need to be prepared. But one step at a time. On my desk top I have a post-it listing all of my goals for the month of January. Not only are they health/diet related, but they are things that I want to do. Sort of like my life therapy. I will be replacing my rewards zone on the sidebar with my monthly goals. Most of my posts will change too. No more calorie postings, though I still am counting calories, but I will be posting tips to myself, accomplishment and words of encouragement. So here we are, one year later. Let's see where we can go!